Quokka - ADS

At Quokka we believe that we can all do something to bring about a better world. That’s why our commitment to the #LiquidSociety goes beyond mere ideals: in partnership with the NGO ADS, we are supporting the drilling of wells and the installation of water pumps in Ethiopia

Did you know that Ethiopia is the second most populated country in Africa? Because it’s landlocked and under the continual threat of famine, only 57% of its population has access to drinking water.

Our goal to quench the world’s thirst brings us together and inspires us to continue to build a more aware and sustainable future.


At ADS they work by changing two worlds. Helping to overcome the differences between developing and developed countries by improving water, sanitation, and healthcare infrastructures.

By supplying water, we help girls go to school, as they are in charge of this task within the family for more than 7 hours a day. We also improve beneficiaries' help by giving them access to drinking water. 


If you want to learn more about their work and collaborate with them, visit their website at ADS.